Lately some of you might have noticed my absence from netupdating,yes it’s my hit -rockbottom tour period:)

It’s not my music tour,just my term for worst time in my life.

I think it’s not that bad compare to other poor people but it really hurt me big time.

-My dad who is in last stage of lung cancer,got in a coma,recover,coma again,…***( he passed away on morning of 3/11/2009 T_T )

-My hard work got dumped like it’s a rubbish by a stranger whom i never had any intention to converse with.

-My team of girls which i planned to shoot them for my own indie work is fallen apart.

I still have some to ramble on and on but better keep them to myself…


What i wanna say is “Is there something that can really hurt you?”

No if you wont permit them to do so.

No painful feeling can hurt a busy heart.


Even in a love affair when the one you love left you,you feel the pain of broken hearted because you expect it to last your lifetime.

What if you love him/her with the least of expectation?

What if you say to yourself,ok i’ll take whatever life bring to me,sadness,grief,misery,bereavement,…i’ll take them with the best smile on my face?

If you can do it,you’ll ascend to a higher level of human being,you will live a greater life,love a greater love,love someone without asking for return.

This is what life asking you to do.

You been living your happy life alone for so many years,how come someone who came into your life for few months,years make you feel so sad?

Get back to your normal life,you’ve been happy for so many years.

Don’t think you can never do it,don’t let this feeling fool you,just DO IT!!!

When i got back home after these experiences got me as another victim of life,i found that all those things that i enjoyed before this were asking me to rejoin them,the la liga spain football league show welcomed me back,my 1st album on iTune “Kiss of Death” lovingly held me in her warm embrace,my piano,my guitar they were so glad to have me back,i even heard my football whispered to me”Cmon,juggle me again,i miss all those tricks of yours!”


I always have a motto like this ” If it’s inevitable then make it profitable!”

I look at this period as a period for me to practise some more skills,improve more of my ability.The great pain,the big momentum you receive if you can handle them and use them in a clever way,you can turn them into a great deal of inspirational force and the result when the pendulum falls into the opposite way can turn you into a greater person!


I reschedule my time in order to make my heart busy,i go out riding bicycle for half an hour in a nearby large open space almost every evening,practise 540,720 taekwando kicks for my own movie shooting for another hr.

You can add more if this is not enough for you.But predict the result you like to get from them,i know riding bike will give me stronger legs,bulkier thighs which will help me in performing those 720 kicks.

This month next year i’ll be looking at these muscles and say thanks to these bitter experiences coming my way.

Yes there is no such thing as pain if you never allow it to be.





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