October 2008

where dreamers never sleep?hehe

Let’s talk about slogans that already spread around net until someone label them as public domain.
Recently this one won over me easily
” if you want something you never had,then you have to do something you never did before”
cool! i gave this a 10 score.
” in a world of glass,i’m a falling stone!” OOUCH! love this one too.
“if you dont create,you will destroy…” suck? yea it’s mine,hehe

It’s difficult when you try to come up with new slogans in this era of media overkill.
You have to think hardly,check carefully whether it’s been used b4.Sometimes it comes out funny though.
An example is the slogan at my site
“where fantasy is realer than reality ”
I was so proud when i came up with this verse but after i searched thru google
to check that it’s been used or not ,and yes there were some that used this line also.

B4 that line i came up with this “where dreamers never sleep ”
Never sleep is good in a sense that someone is totally at work,no rest for that person/thing.
But not as good when following dreamers.
Because another question arose,if they never sleep then how can they be dreamers?
How can they dream?and i dont really like the word ” daydream”.Daydream to me sounds like imagination not dream.hehe
Wake up ,be careful when you dream here because dreamers never sleep!

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“1 world ,so many versions”

We have only one world in the universe
but we transform this one world to any versions we love it to be.
I know we all love to live with what we love
if your version of the world is not so close to the real one,believe me you’re gonna get hurt big time,
when your fake world collide with the real one ( and that always happen in the important moment of your life )

I know many girls who keep looking to find lovers
who can help them maintain their fake world ,the world that she’s the queen and the guy is like servant or for worse a slave.
kind of guys who blindly serves her whatever
she wants and you think he/they will behave like that forever ?
Many guys treated you so well just to win your heart when they do that they tell themselves ” just wait til you marry me! ”

When i try to know girls better to build a deep relationship and find out she ’s one of those fake world huntress,i will politely walkaway.
I live with reality,i respect it like it’s my god.And those that i abandon ,many of them that i heard of later all endup their marriagelives with a divorce.

The truth may look hurtful,painful but it will hurt you only once
it’s not gonna hurt you ,backstab you later like sweet lies.
So live with reality.Just keep the sweet world secretly in the bottom of your heart.Visit it sometimes but not too many times
before it can dominate you again.
Wont it be nicer to live in a not so comfortable real world and have a lasting marriage?


“love what you hate,hate what you love”

r u a victim of love?
i guess this is one question that better left unanswered.
A guy like me talking about love to girls sounds like lending a tree to a forest!

No matter how long humans do live,we are hunters ,hunting for
our preys,victims,slaves to build our large empire.
We express this need in acts of animal huntings,wars ( or should i say human hunting? ) in the old days,
Now that killing is bad ( i assume,i’ll talk about this topic later )

War is not wanted in every corner of the world,
we now hunt for our preys in the form of love,
” LOVE” is the weapon of the hunters in us all for now.

People who wanna use you ,abuse you,control you,wanna make profit from you ,
they know they cant do that by
cheating you right in your face.
They know they have to lure you,make a decoy,
some things that you will be easily fallen for.
What’s the best weapon now?
It is love.

Use love as weapon has many advantages,
first it’s legal to use people by using love as bait
in relationship,you can deceive them later when you feel there’s no evidence to charge you guilty.
( i’ll talk about evidence later,ah! lots of topics to talk about )
Second there are so many,many people dying to fall for love ( especially women? )
Third use love to hunt people is easy because every people has tendency to fall for love
and love leaves no traces not like virus that
you can use viruses protection to trace and kill it.
Fourth …dadada…

So it is very dangerous to love what you love right now,
very dangerous to trust people that come to you offering love .
If their love is a bait,you may endup bankrupted,critical illness,or even DEAD!
not to mention the worst feeling you faced.

Then i hear you ask me” what should i do about hatred? if i hate it i have the right to avoid it,Am i?
Sure but after all scenarios i mentioned to you.
Love that come to you in present day,90% of it is fake,decoy,bait whatever you call
just examine it,consider it carefully,on the other hand Hate now is more honest.

You ever been in an experience that people you expected something good turn out to be a BIG disappointment whereas
people you hate or least expected
turn out to be real enjoyment to you?
And that will happen again and again in
this era of hunting with love.

What many people misunderstand about hate is when they think they hate something,they may not really hate it,they just assume they do.
and they never give it time to ponder,consider it.

I have this example to share with you,i live with my brother,2 guys in a house with no housekeepers,housewives or anyoneelse to handle
the housework,laundry,…
And like every people ,i hated doing laundry though we have big laundry machine,i still feel very lazy to do it
because when it’s over we have to use lots of clothes hangers with clips to hang garments against the sun to dry them.
I used to do it quickly,roughly so i could finish it to goon with my music making.

One day i said to myself what if i give this activity 10 minutes full concentration.
I looked at the clock and marked the time then started hanging the clothes to the hangers,
this time i did it carefully,beautifully if the hangers were dirty,i took them to bathroom to clean them,i made my best work out of the laundry job.
You can say i perform art from hanging wet clothes!
And when finished ( ahh,Did i mention i was busy focusing on it
so i lost myself in time? )
I looked up at the clock,AHH! it was still in the 10 minutes timeline i gave it.
OH! what happened here?
Did i enter timemachine and steal back sometime into my timeline?
or did i pass Einstein Rosenberg bridge in time tunnel?
No! i just approach a higher level of human being,
a being who can set himself free from a bad feeling that try to fool him,
who can make the best out of things he hate.
And when you totally focused on something,imagine a flower image in
your mind when you do it,you will finish it faster.

What i wanna say to you is what you hate can be love,
what you love can be hate,it’s up to you and your commitment to it,
Find something you hate and give it full concentration when you do it this time,just give it a try.

That’s about it folks,”love what you hate,hate what you love”
thnx for reading.

by L aka lovenara
from http://www.lovenara.net63.net,

diamonds in the rough

Thailand nowaday is in a huge lack of opportunities.
Good jobs ( today starring,modelling,singing are good jobs too )
are limited to rich people only,
and it really gives me critical illness to see those that
never been thru hard times of practising or learning to be good in these careers get promoted as good artists.

I believe that every people should try to bring out the best in themselves then stretch their limits out as far as they can in order to be the great artists.

I also believe that good art can come from people who achieve that status by struggling their ways thru the hard times,the obstacles that stand in their ways.

And you know what those people like? Sons and daughters of rich people being spoiled all their lives,never struggle to accomplish anything by themselves.These kind of people cannot make great art let alone average one,they just doit for fun,sexes,you know what i mean,hehe.

This is one reason why Thailand still cant improve its economic disaster
because in almost every shining career now there arent any real good professionals,they just promote their own siblings,cousins.They never care whether their relatives are good enough to do those jobs or not.

Believe me,you all rich people will suffer too if you wont put real good persons in good positions,our country will suffer and it will affect all,not just the poor.
It will be like a falling person who does nothing but ask for mercy from gravity in order to gain his stability.

I think the economic fall we face right now
it’s the answer from the world to all the greedy people
who never take time to do good in their careers,
the more they do bad to the country,the world the more
weight they accumulate on the economy.
And like they when the bow breaks the cradle will fall,
now the cradle is falling now.
Only the real ones will prevail or
you can say when the going gets tough,the tough gets going.

So this page is like a consolidation of unknown talents,
undiscovered beauty. ,people who have good quality to do good art
but never have chances to show off their ability.

Yes they are not your typical diamond necklaces,
they are diamonds in the rough.

Like my musicpage,this page is for quality people, people who were born to do this kind of Art thing.

My page is like a declaration of independent artists,declaring to the world that we are here,we the real artists are expressing ourselves,our works here.The cries from our dying souls,dying to express our works.

Our jobs are not just have fun,are not just making music.Our jobs are inspiring people,changing people’s lives,make them get up and fight to be better.
When real artists do their jobs,it’s not just art.It’s something that’s bigger than LIFE.
You can call it inspiration.

Can you buy inspiration at ebay?I guess not.
But you can get cheap inspiration here.hehe
The cost of it is just some potential clicks
on my google adsense.



i do a music blog here with intention to help amateurs to improve their music work.
1st-song writing
i believe that the apex of songwriting practise is the ability to write good story into your song.
i ‘ve seen many amateurs got carried away with the mood,urge to just write some feeling off the top of their heads and fail to develop their writing into this realm.
Songs with good stories in it wll have listeners expect a pleasing ending and thus keep them listening to your song right to the end,whereas songs with nothing but words,sweet nothingness rants will fail to capture interest all thru the song.
This is how i start my writing and what i always post at some song writing forums

verse1 the cause,preface,whatever that will lead into a good story
verse2 the story continues,prepare for a strong chorus

Chorus strong,impressive summary of the story

verse3 the ending,be it surprise,humor,twist,whatever you can to impress your audience more.
you can hear my lyric in action at lovenara-myspace.

Here’s a link to my latest kiss of death trailer

kiss of death-trailer4
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Here’s my personal webLovenaraweb

thnx for reading and happy composing good music!


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